Friends of America Cultural Exchanges
Want to discover a new culture?

FACES sets up home stay, cultural exchanges and trips to the USA and France for students aged 14-18.

Our network

FACES work in cooperation with an extensive network of reliable coordinators and teachers from Chartres, Orleans, Lille, Caen, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Nancy and many other cities in France.

FACES is in contact with high schools, directors, teachers, students to develop educational tours and tools.

FACES communicates with students and families to explain differences, culture shock, customs and tradition, what to expect from one another and what needs to be provided during the stay.

Discover all of our destinations

FACES organizes the stay, coordinates communication, schedules the time that exchange students spend with host families, spend at school and spend visiting sites of interest.

A word from the CEO
I think that it is our duty as responsible parents, educators and teachers to give our children the chances to develop not only the skills they need today to find an enjoyable and rewarding job but also the communication abilities, the values of respect and open mindedness that will make them better people tomorrow.